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Narcotrend Compact M

The Narcotrend in the compact version (Narcotrend-Compact M) records, displays and stores one- and two-channel EEGs.


For a routine measurement three electrodes are attached to the patient`s forehead. These are connected to the Narcotrend-Compact. There the EEG signal is amplified and digitised, and then passes through a special software for EEG analysis.


During the recording, the software automatically analyses the patient`s depth of anaesthesia/sedation. Using a multitude of parameters calculated from the EEG and applying multivariate statistical methods, the EEG is classified automatically into one of the stages on a scale from A (awake) to F (very deep hypnosis). Additionally, as a refinement of the scale from A to F, an EEG index (100 = awake, 0 = very deep hypnosis) is calculated.

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